A Long Time Coming

Thirteen years ago. Paul Wellstone and Rod Grams were our U.S. Senators. NSYNC had the top rated record album. 3 Rivers Park District was still the Hennepin County Park District. The Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail was first officially envisioned. It then took until December 2010 for the Edina City Council to approve the project and until March 2012 for Park District approval. A long time coming, indeed.

But step-by-step of the long sought corridor connecting Hopkins, Minnetonka, Edina, Richfield and Bloomington is taking shape. Budgets are being finalized, easements are being sought.Sections of the trail in Richfield and Edina (Parklawn Blvd) are already complete. Sections in Bloomington are scheduled for 2014. The eastern half of the Edina link (Tracy Ave- to Xerxes) are anticipated to begin construction in 2015.  All this according to the draft master plan from Three Rivers.

Much obviously still needs to be done – securing funding for the western section immediately springs to mind. But after thirteen years of waiting, we can finally see the trail ahead.

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  1. Thanks for the historical perspective, Peter! I wanted to let folks know that design planning for both Edina segments will take place next year so that we can begin construction on the entire trail the following year, pending securing funding for the western portion. Also FYI, Mayor Hovland and I were successful yesterday in amending proposed changes to the Met Council’s TAB solicitation guidelines to improve prospects for that federal funding. That might seem like a lot of inside baseball, but it keeps us on the path for completion of this important project two years earlier than originally expected!

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